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2003 Toyota 4Runner

Motortopia Motortopia , 16th February, 2023

  • 2003 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2003 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2003 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2003 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Tony Rispoli



    • Stock Toyota 4Runner 4.0L V-6
    • Low-clearance X-Runner oil pan to allow motor to drop 3 inches
    • Shorter Toyota Tacoma radiator
    • Custom-built intake manifold by David Sheehan
    • Air Raid throttle body spacer
    • K&N intake
    • 2.5-inch exhaust
    • Magna flow muffler


    • Performed by Tony Rispoli and Jimmy’s Rod & Custom
    • IFS custom-built by Jimmy at Jimmy’s Rod & Custom
    • Custom-built gas tank fabricated by David Sheehan
    • Custom rear control arms
    • Toyota MKIII Supra Turbo IRS
    • 4.30 gear ratio
    • Mustang rack-and-pinion
    • Slam Specialties RE-7 airbags
    • Belltech Toyota pickup drop spindles
    • Monroe front shocks
    • Custom control arms in the rear
    • Ridetech Shockwaves rear shocks with IRS air ride
    • Wilwood Dynalite four-piston brakes
    • GM Hydro boost brake booster
    • Accuair management system


    • 22x8.5-inch Raceline Imperial polished billet wheels with painted spokes
    • LX-9 255-30-22 Lexani


    • Performed by Tony Rispoli with help from Shane Shewfelt
    • Body-dropped with stock floor
    • Shaved washer fluid sprayers
    • JDM Hilux surf billet hood with black painted inserts
    • Deck lid license plate box trim modification to delete stock emblem
    • Sikkens paint Lexus Premium Silver, BMW Graphite metallic, teal metallic and orange pinstriping
    • Paint by Victor Salas
    • Pinstriping by Mike Ayers of Pinstripin’ by Mikey


    • Performed by Tony Rispoli and Shane Shewfelt
    • Katz kin leather on the OEM seats
    • Suede headliner
    • Black carpet
    • Stock dashboard with painted trim
    • Painted console
    • Billet Specialties throttle steering wheel with anodized black Lecarra adapter
    • Kenwood BH 672 head unit
    • Massive Audio component speakers
    • Massive Audio 10-inch subwoofer
    • Massive Audio Nano series amplifier
    • Optima Red Top battery
    • Lizard Skin sound deadener throughout vehicle including firewall
    • Stereo by Alvin Lawrence at Auto Fanatik
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “An extra thank you goes out to Shane Shewfelt, Victor Sala, Jimmy Graham, Dave Sheehan, Alvin Lawrence, Rigo at Horn blasters and Relaxed Atmosphere Florida and the rest of the Floridiots. Most importantly of all, special thanks to my caring and understanding wife for allowing me the time spend in the garage finishing this build before our daughter was born.”

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