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OBS Builders Guide

OBS Chevy Dually thats Built to Work

DAMIEN DAVIS October 03, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

The show scene oozes with amazing builds from across the country. Some sit on stands so fans can view every last detail—front, back, and side… Continue reading

OBS Chevy New Parts Spotlight v2

Chris Hamilton October 03, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Parts Now Available for ’88-’98 Chevy Trucks Champion Aluminum Radiator Only (40-inch width) ’88-’98 GM Truck/SUV These all-aluminum radiators are available in a three-row variation.… Continue reading

How To Lower a ’88-’98 Chevy Using Belltech!

CHRIS STAFFORD CK SYNDICATE September 28, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Lowering a ’88-’98 Chevy Using a 4/6 Belltech Kit When considering a lowering kit for your 1988-1998 C1500 or (OBS GM Truck), you’ll find there… Continue reading

All The OBS Trucks From BATTLE IN BAMA!

DAMIEN DAVIS September 28, 2022 Events

What is your definition of the perfect OBS truck show? The atmosphere? The amazing people you’re with for the weekend? Maybe you’re there for the… Continue reading

Replace Your Cracked or Faded ’88-’98 OBS Dashboard

OBS HEADQUARTERS September 28, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

If your truck is anything like ours, the dash is either faded, cracked, or has holes in it the size of softballs. Unfortunately, one of… Continue reading

Boyd Coddington's 1989 GMC Sierra Iconic Sport Truck

Mike Self September 26, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

An Iconic Sport Truck Goes Home To say that Chris Coddington grew up around custom trucks would be an understatement. In fact, you might recognize… Continue reading

A Fresh Update to Your OBS Grille

OBS HEADQUARTERS August 22, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Step one was to rewind the front of the 1999 Suburban back to 1993 pace truck standards with a few upgrades. After a quick call… Continue reading

Video - 89-98 Chevy OBS Work Truck to Sport Truck Grill Install

Chris Hamilton August 11, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Street Trucks Magazine shows you how simple it is to update the look of your 89-98 Chevy C/K Truck with the help of Classic Industries… Continue reading

Custom 1996 Two-Door Chevy Tahoe

John Mata Jr. August 02, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Mike Morris’ OG OBS Tahoe When most folks thing about the OBS name, the Silverado pickup naturally comes to mind, and that’s totally fine. It… Continue reading

Exclusive Online Feature James Smith's 1990 Chevy "Barely Scrapinby"

Adam Johnson June 08, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Photos by:  Jonathan Hawkins Owner: James and Katy Smith Truck: 1990 Chevy C1500 Name: Barely Scrapinby Location: Milledge, Ga Club: Negative Camber Engine: 1990 Chevy… Continue reading

’89 Chevy Cheyenne C1500 | Red Ryder

Chris Hamilton June 06, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

On Every Kid’s Wish List in the 1990s How many of you wanted a Red Ryder BB gun after “A Christmas Story” appeared on TV… Continue reading

OBS Builders Guide Vol 3 Pre-sale now available

Chris Hamilton April 29, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Third Times a Charm! OBS Builder’s Guide is BACK for Volume 3 of this yearly publication dedicated to GM’s 88-98 GMT400 pick-up trucks. In this… Continue reading

'HOE DOWN - Bodydropped ’99 Chevy Tahoe

Mike Self April 05, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

Drop It Like It’s Hot 1999 WAS A HECK OF A YEAR FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE RAD STUFF. “The Matrix” was released, Tony Hawk landed… Continue reading

OBS TMI Interior Install on Project Artemis - 97 GMC Sierra Custom

Chris Hamilton March 25, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

The Completion of a Custom Artemis is complete! The original goal was to build a cool OBS with nothing but bolt-on parts, installing only things… Continue reading

Available Nationwide May 31st 2022, EV Builder's Guide, brought to you by Street Trucks!

Chris Hamilton March 08, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

We’ve seen it. We’ve talked about it. And now, we’re going to dive deep into the world of electric motor-swapped RestoMods to show you what… Continue reading

1997 Silverado C1500 | Building an OBS Beast

Chris Hamilton February 11, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

To catch you all back up on Project OBScene, we started with a clean 304,000-mile 1997 Silverado C1500 truck. The original 305 was still running… Continue reading

Memphis Audio Install | 12V Entertainment for a Full-Time Show Truck

Chris Hamilton February 03, 2022 Events

With the decision made that this would be a show-stopping weekend cruiser, we didn’t feel the need to replace the OEM dashboard with a mint… Continue reading

Grant Kustoms Built '97 TAHOE | Acrophobia

John Mata Jr. December 28, 2021 OBS Builders Guide

Guaranteed Good Times for the Whole Family Frankie Acuna, an insurance agent from Santa Maria, California, values his time with his wife and kids. In… Continue reading

Artemis Update | Tackling the Interior

Chris Hamilton December 21, 2021 OBS Builders Guide

To catch everyone up, our ’98 GMC Sierra known as Artemis has been fully bagged on a bolt-in air-ride suspension from Ridetech. We added 20-inch… Continue reading

Direct From Japan! Video from the Truck Masters '21

Adam Johnson November 18, 2021 Events

Many events of the finest custom cars such as mini trucks, USDM, JDM, sports compacts, lowriders, etc. The videos are uploaded, so I’d be happy… Continue reading

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