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EV Tech

How Educational Institutions Are Taking Charge

LEGACY EV March 11, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

Educational Institutions Begin to Fill the EV Technician Labor Gap Photos by Legacy EV Wow, we have all heard the stereotypes about the kind of… Continue reading

Revamping Your Ride: The Art of Retaining Comfort in EVs

LEGACY EV March 05, 2024 EV Builders Guide

Keeping Creature Comforts, Even When Gas is Gone! Photos by Legacy EV Electric motors do not need to be running when the vehicle is stopped,… Continue reading

Exploring the Significance of Electrical Bonding in EVs

LEGACY EV February 16, 2024 EV Builders Guide

How Electrical Bonding Can Save Your Life Photos by Legacy EV As cooler months descend upon us, so do tacky wool sweaters. If you’ve had… Continue reading

Electrifying a Classic: An Electric 1969 Subaru 360

Richard Rieger II January 01, 2024 All EV Vehicles

From Nursing Books to Garage Tools: A Mechanic’s Triumph in No-Nonsense Retrofit During my time at The Vault, a classic car dealership situated in Jackson,… Continue reading


EVBG STAFF December 26, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Five Years of Leading the EV Conversions Industry In a world increasingly transitioning towards sustainable transportation, the intersection of classic cars, exhilarating driving dynamics, and… Continue reading

Powering Up

EVBG STAFF December 01, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Let’s Discover AC Level 1 and Level 2 Chargers Let’s dig into charging your EV. Alternating Current (AC) charging is the most available as this is the… Continue reading


EVBG STAFF November 21, 2023 EV Builders Guide

Prevent Electrical Accidents with These Key Safety Principals The most effective way to prevent electrical injury is to eliminate the hazard by establishing an electrically… Continue reading

Electric Vehicle PARTS BUYER’S GUIDE | The Parts you Need for your EV!

EVBG STAFF September 06, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

The Best Equipment for Your Converted-to-EV Classic or Modified Modern E-Ride Here’s the crème de la crème of the retrofit and EV modification world! Brace… Continue reading

EV Talk Made Simple: A Deep Dive into Electric Vehicle Terminology

EVBG STAFF August 21, 2023 All EV Vehicles

EV Lingo Extravaganza: The Next Level in Electric Jargon Chronicles! Brace yourself for a fresh load of electric vehicle lingo. We guide you through it… Continue reading

Electrifying Change: Fuel2Electric's Mission to Educate and Transform through EV Conversion

EVBG STAFF August 08, 2023 All EV Vehicles

The Trailblazing Multivendor Platform Has Set Its Sights on Enlightening the Masses About the Wonders of EV Conversion Welcome to the electrifying world of Fuel2Electric,… Continue reading

From Concept to Creation: Picking the Right Electric Motor for Your EV

EVBG STAFF July 20, 2023 EV Builders Guide

How to Choose an Electric Motor for Your Build The blank canvas. One part opportunity, one part frustration. Be it a lump of clay or… Continue reading

Maximizing Power Transfer: Mastering EV Cable Connections for Your Electric Vehicle

EVBG STAFF July 18, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Mastering EV Cables Work for Connections That Spark! If you want plentiful power out of your electric vehicle, you need the ability to move a… Continue reading

We install air suspension on a Tesla Model 3!

Chris Hamilton June 19, 2023 EV Builders Guide

This week we try installing a “bolt-on” air suspension system for Tesla Model 3. This kit is designed for the everyday mechanic and do it… Continue reading

How to Choose an Electric Motor for Your Build

EVBG STAFF May 14, 2023 EV Education

 Choosing the right kit for an EV build can be overwhelming. To get an EV motor safely spinning, you will end up needing more than… Continue reading


JEROME ANDRE May 09, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

The All-Encompassing Lexicon of EV Terminology, Part 3  Buckle up! We’ve got another round of EV lingo that you’ll be encountering sooner than you think!… Continue reading


Chris Hamilton May 09, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

Do EV Tires Really Make a Difference?  Can a different brand of tire make an EV ride more smoothly, perform better, and reduce noise? Seems… Continue reading


EVBG STAFF May 08, 2023 EV Builders Guide

The Best Equipment for Your Converted-to-EV Classic or Modified Modern E-Ride  The retrofit and EV modification scenes are thriving with talented innovators introducing cutting-edge products… Continue reading

Exciting Legacy EV Education Updates

Chris Hamilton January 03, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

Due to popular demand, Legacy EV are holding an additional Education Roadshow Training in their Tempe HQ from March 6th to 10th 2023. It’s a… Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know To Get Your Electric-Motor Running

TIM CACHELIN December 20, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Electric motors may seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. Most electric motors only have one primary moving part, compared to an internal combustion… Continue reading

Electric Vehicle Builders Unite, Welcome to the Evolution of Aftermarket Automotive!

Chris Hamilton August 10, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

We’ve seen it, we’ve talked about it, and now we’ve decided to dive deep into the world of electric motor swapped restomods for you to… Continue reading

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