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1951 Chevrolet Custom Crew Cab Pickup

Motortopia Motortopia , 28th December, 2021

  • 1951 Chevrolet Custom Crew Cab Pickup
  • 1951 Chevrolet Custom Crew Cab Pickup
  • 1951 Chevrolet Custom Crew Cab Pickup
  • 1951 Chevrolet Custom Crew Cab Pickup
  • 1951 Chevrolet Custom Crew Cab Pickup

Joseph & Jennifer Thomas


    • Hagen Frenched Headlights
    • 1978 Buick front stub w/ stock frame
    • Boxed rear rails
    • Tubular cross members
    • 7-inch C-notch
    • 20-gallon fuel cell
    • Front Suspension:
    • Brembo CTSV front brake calipers and rotors
    • Air Ride Technologies cool ride suspension
    • Tubular BMR lower control arms
    • SPC adjustable upper control arms
    • Speedway 12.88 rear brakes
    • Air Ride Technologies cool ride suspension
    • Custom rear triangulated four-linkENGINE
    • 1974 Chevrolet 468 V-8
    • 11/1 compression ratio
    • Balanced and blueprinted
    • Steel crank
    • Comp cams
    • Ford valve guide, screw in studs, and stainless valves
    • Custom engine mounts
    • Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap intake manifold
    • Holley Double Pumper 650 Carburetor
    • MSD Pro Billet ignition
    • Engine components painted to match build
    • 9-inch Ford rear axle w/ 31 spline curry axles
    • Speedway power brake booster and master cylinder
    • Shop: Mullvain Motorsports in East Peoria, Illinois TRANSMISSION
    • 1990 Chevrolet 700 R4
    • Custom tubular crossmember
    • Lokar shifter cable and brakes
    • Custom length drive shaft
    • Shop: Brooks Automotive in Tremont, Illinois

    • Foose Monterey Wheels
    • Front: 22x8.5
    • Front tires: 245/30/22 Pirelli P Zero Nero
    • Rear: 22x12
    • Rear tires: 315/25/zr22 Pirelli P Zero BODY
    • Custom built four-door cab; used two cabs to make the crew cab and third for the corner windows
    • Rear doors are front doors swapped side to side and shortened, open suicide
    • Cab sectioned 3 inches
    • One-piece V-Bent windshield
    • Power windows
    • Remote door poppers
    • Custom installed bear jaw latches
    • Shaved all door handles
    • Shaved fresh air vent, cowl vent, hood moldings and smoothed all body seams
    • Bed is completely custom made, 7 inches narrower than stock and 6 inches shorter than a stock bed
    • Rear fenders are widened 3.5 inches each §Hood is pancaked 3 inches
    • Custom made, full length running boards
    • Custom made rear door window trim
    • Shop: Terry Scrivens and Joseph Thomas at Pekin Alignment & Autobody Inc.
    • Paint: PPG Envirobase Tropical Sea, Sunset Orange, & Luna Beige
    • Pinstripe
    • Lexus IS300 seats wrapped in Old Ranch Relicate leather
    • Omega Custom gauges
    • Custom fiberglass headliner and center console
    • Shop: Nate Kamp
    • Headman Block Huggers headers
    • Flowmaster mandrel bent stainless 2.5-inch exhaust w/ super 40 series muffler

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