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2014 GMC Sierra

Motortopia Motortopia , 10th January, 2022

  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra

Dylan Dirickson



    • 355 hp 383 torque
    • GMC V-8
    • K&N cold air intake
    • Magnaflow mufflers
    • Stock GMC automatic transmission
    • Narrowed rearend
    • Phat Phabz fuel cell


    • 26x10 Raceline Commanders with powder-coated faces
    • 305/30R26 Deruibo


    • Shop: Walker’s Paint and Body Works, SUB Industries
    • Custom HD opening grafted onto 2014 1500 bumper
    • Smoothed and color-matched rear bumper
    • Shaved tailgate
    • Smoothed and color-matched bed rails
    • Custom SUB Industries honeycomb grille/bumper grille
    • Flush-mount filler in bed floor
    • Color-matched Raptor bedliner done by Michael LaPlante of Infinite Panel Repair
    • Trim smoothed and color matched
    • Raised bed floor
    • DeArmond custom tubs
    • Flush-mount fuel filler
    • Clear corner lenses and color-matched headlights


    • Shop: Phat Phabz, Jake McKiddie and Kyle Dimetroff
    • Notched frame
    • AccuAir eLevel air management
    • 5-gallon air tank
    • Dual chrome VIAIR 480 compressors
    • 3/8 stainless air line throughout the full truck
    • ½-inch plate Phat Phabz control arms
    • Air Lift 2600 ’bags
    • Triangulated 4-link
    • Air Lift sleeve ’bags over rear axle
    • Monroe shocks


    • Shop: Curt Enochs and Dusty’s Total Audio
    • Katzkin leather seats, custom-stitched and shaved head rests
    • Blue metal-flake accent trim pieces
    • Blue LED lighting in floors
    • Black fabric headliner
    • Factory GMC touch-screen head unit
    • 300.1W Phoenix Gold amplifier
    • 12-inch Phoenix Gold subwoofer
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “My wife Jesse Dirickson for accepting everything it takes to build the truck. Also, to Jake Mckiddie, Kyle Dimetroff and Gary Gilliland of Phat Phabz for the suspension work. Thanks to Curt’s Creations for interior, Michael LaPlante, Charles Degand and Jeremy Crum, Garrison DeArmond, Jim Stuart and Justin Walker. Last but not least, my sponsors Killerwaxx of Kansas, Truxedo Bedcovers, BedRug, Phat Phabz, Dusty’s Tunes and Tint, Phoenix Gold, Klearz Lenses and Crown Performance.”

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