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1971 Chevy Blazer

Motortopia Motortopia , 28th November, 2022

  • 1971 Chevy Blazer
  • 1971 Chevy Blazer
  • 1971 Chevy Blazer
  • 1971 Chevy Blazer

Mason Wright



    • Chevy Camaro LS1
    • K&N intake and filter
    • Be Cool radiator setup
    • Dual Flowmaster exhaust
    • Billet Specialties accessories
    • CPP 24-gallon aluminum fuel tank
    • Performed By: Delmo’s Speed & Kustom


    • Full Porterbuilt extreme suspension front and rear
    • Porterbuilt notch
    • CPP modular dropped spindles
    • KYB Shocks
    • Viair compressors
    • AccuAir management
    • 12- and 13-inch CPP brakes with 7-inch booster and dual master
    • Shortened GM 12-bolt rear
    • Performed By: Delmo’s Speed & Kustom


    • 22- and 24-inch Delmo smoothies polished with black accents and powdercoated white wall
    • Nexxen 255/30R22 and 275/30R24


    • Factory patina
    • Original GM paint, no  touch-ups
    • Stock exterior cleaned up
    • Performed by God and Delmo’s Speed & Kustom
    • Modified Hill's Rod & Custom front inner fenders


    • Recovered with factory blue vinyl
    • Dakota Digital gauges
    • Complete Vintage Air setup
    • Hidden iPod stereo
    • Rockford Fosgate 6.5 speakers (four), 10-inch subwoofers (two), P400-4 amp and T400- 2 amp
    • Optima battery
    • Full Dynomat
    • Performed by Delmo
    • Upholstery by Fat Kucky’s
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM OWNER: My family for their continued support, Delmo, AccuAir, Porterbuilt and all of the companies involved for helping bring my vision to life, and everyone who lent a hand along the way.

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