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1995 Toyota Tacoma

Motortopia Motortopia , 2nd December, 2022

  • 1995 Toyota Tacoma
  • 1995 Toyota Tacoma
  • 1995 Toyota Tacoma
  • 1995 Toyota Tacoma
  • 1995 Toyota Tacoma

Emmanuel Iniguez



    • Toyota Tacoma 2.4 dual cam four-cylinder engine
    • K&N cold-air intake
    • MagnaFlow exhaust
    • 12-gallon gas tank
    • Manual transmission with stage-2 clutch
    • Rearend shortened 3 inches on each side


    • Beltech drop spindles
    • Front airbag cup triangulated 4-link
    • Slam Specialties RE-7 airbags
    • Beltech shocks
    • Performed by Cen Cal Machinist


    • Upholstered beige and textured peanut butter-colored vinyl
    • 1995 Acura Integra seats chopped and rounded
    • Plastic pieces dyed to match upholstery
    • Billet steering wheel and window cranks
    • Pistol-grip shifter
    • AVS air gauges and switch box
    • Pioneer head unit
    • Kicker K5 speakers
    • Four 8-inch RE Audio subwoofers
    • Alpine 1000.1 and 400.4 amplifiers
    • Blow-through speaker box
    • Dynamat sound-deadening material
    • Optima Yellow Top battery
    • Upholstery by: True Auto Trim
    • Stereo by Beats by Bigs


    • 18x8 and 18x10 Raceline Deceptive 5 polished billet wheels
    • 215/35R18 and 255/35R18 Mayrun


    • House of Kolor Sunrise pearl paint
    • 2001 Tacoma front fenders, bumper and hood
    • Shaved door handles and gas door
    • Molded rear Cali combo skin
    • Flared bed sides
    • Stock taillights painted candy apple red
    • Sheet metal bed floor with spray-on bedliner
    • Air-actuated license plate holder
    • Rear window etched by Chuck Del Bosque
    • Performed by Wally’s Collision Center
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Walter Pena, Rene Resendez, Armondo Sanchez, Preston Cervantez, Adan Cervantez, Chuy Gomez, Todd Anderson, Jose Pacino, Matt Diaz, David “Chivo” Lopez, Miguetron, Vinny Sandoval and everyone at Wally’s Collision Center for all the long nights to get it ready for LST car show in Houston, Beats By Bigs for the system, chuckdezzigns for the custom-etched window and to all my customers at The Cut Barbershop in Fowler, CA, Parlier Customs because all this wouldn’t have been possible without you, Cen Cal Machinist for all the custom metal work he did inside my bed, my mom family and friends for believing in me to build it and not giving up on my dreams.”

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